Thursday, April 19, 2012

Baby on Board

Mom, as you may remember, I LOVED dolls when I was little. I still do. The other day, I picked up an American Girl doll at the Goodwill and lovingly brought her back to her full glory (and she only cost me $5). The Hubby mocked my efforts, wondering why I was playing with my doll and Patches was in the back yard smashing ants with a rock.
Well, perhaps someday Patches will like dolls. If not, I'm holding out for Cutie-Pie to be more maternal in nature. So, until then, this little doll sits on a shelf, all alone, anxiously waiting to be loved.
I got the pattern from this shop. I loved everything about this pattern! She is the perfect size and the instructions were very clear. She only comes with a smiple skirt pattern; however, there are more outfits in the Etsy shop. All in all, a good buy. Worth the money (that is, if your daughter happens to play with dolls....).

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