Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Little Tie for a Little Guy

Mom, friends of our recently adopted their third child.  He is quite possibly the most adorable thing ever.  He is African-American and has tons of thick curly hair atop his little head.  He is so cute, it kills me.  Seriously, kills me.  Anyway, I adorned a onsie for him to wear to church.  A head of hair like that needs to be offset with a gigantic bow tie, don't you think?  I used a tutorial found here to make the bowtie.  It was so easy and took about 20 minutes tops.  Now, if I could get the hubby to sport one of these...

Monday, April 23, 2012

Ruffles, Ruffles, Ruffles

Hey, Mom!  This little get-up cost me at least 15 hours of work.  It wasn't neccessary either, but I think I unpicked about every seam in that thing at least once.  It started out as a dress, but ended up as a skirt instead.  It won't fit Patches for a few years, but when it does....look out Strawberry Shortcake!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Baby on Board

Mom, as you may remember, I LOVED dolls when I was little. I still do. The other day, I picked up an American Girl doll at the Goodwill and lovingly brought her back to her full glory (and she only cost me $5). The Hubby mocked my efforts, wondering why I was playing with my doll and Patches was in the back yard smashing ants with a rock.
Well, perhaps someday Patches will like dolls. If not, I'm holding out for Cutie-Pie to be more maternal in nature. So, until then, this little doll sits on a shelf, all alone, anxiously waiting to be loved.
I got the pattern from this shop. I loved everything about this pattern! She is the perfect size and the instructions were very clear. She only comes with a smiple skirt pattern; however, there are more outfits in the Etsy shop. All in all, a good buy. Worth the money (that is, if your daughter happens to play with dolls....).

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Good morning, Mom! It's a beautiful, sunny day here. I love it.
This is Patche's backpack. I made it from a pattern I found here. I think it is adorable, and, occasionally, Patches does to.

Things I would change about this pattern:
*The head is pretty floppy. Next time, I'll run a stick of boning from the bottom of the bag, up through the head to keep it more upright.
*It would be great with adjustable straps.
I think I'll make one for Cutie-Pie with the above mentioned changes. I'll let you know how it turns out.
Now, I need to go exercise. It's been TOO long and my buns are getting squishy....

Monday, April 16, 2012

I'm NO Martha Stewart

Mom, you know I'm not very original. I'm a great copy-cat and I can follow directions. But, ask me to come up with something cool on my own and you might just get something....that looks like a Kindergartner created it.
For my little Cutie-Pie's room, I did, however, rack my brain to create this little initial that sits on her shelf.
I saw many blogs featuring big letters with fake moss hot-glued on them. See HERE. But, I kinda felt like a lockness monster might jump out of that letter and eat me; so I went with the general idea and hot-glued some fake flowers on a wooden letter and voila! Much less monsteresque and more, feminine. Want one, mom? Shall I use an "N" or a "J"? Hee Hee Hee.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bless You

When we blessed little Cutie Pie last year, I made these little shoes for her big moment. She wore Patches' blessing gown, so I wanted her to have a little something all her own. I had a shoe pattern that I adapted and then made several prototypes to get just right. I used some vintage pearl buttens from your old silk shirt for the ankle strap.
They sit on Cutie Pie's shelf and I look at them every day! Even though she only wore them once, they were worth the effort. Maybe her daughter will wear them one day...

Monday, April 9, 2012

Dolls for Children with Cancer

Okay, mom, here is a picture of the doll my ward made. We started making about 20 of these dolls, which will be finished at a later date. There are various shades of skin, this one being representative of those with darker skin tones. She has ears, which make her look RIDICULOUS. Fortunately, her hair covers them up. We embroidered the face and made custom wigs.
When they are finished, they will be given to our local children's hospital (which specializes in cancer). One down, 19 to go. Yes, I know she needs a shirt...

Friday, April 6, 2012

Littling it

Hey mom! Yesterday, I littled a woman's dress I found at the Goodwill for my mini wild woman, who hereafter shall be known as Patches. Patches is her alter ego, a dog. My daughter, who just turned 4 can often be found crawling on all fours and barking down the isls of Walmart. People probably think I'm a bad mom for letting her do that, but, hey at least she isn't doing what she used to do which was throwing garganchuon fits, kicking, screaming, and biting. So, Patches is a welcome change.
Anyway, I made Patches this Easter dress and now hope she will wear it on Sunday. Yesterday, when we went to pick up big brother from school, she wore nothing but underwear. Sometimes, it isn't worth the fight....as demonstrated by her, ahem, hairdo. It's the best I could get out of her under the circumstances.