Tuesday, March 19, 2013

It's been awhile

Just because I haven't posted in, ahem, awhile, doesn't mean I haven't been sewing like a mad woman.  I must sew.  It is my therapy, well that and the gym.  My two lovely addictions.  Lest you think I'm some health nut, I must confess my love of all things sweet.  Well, excluding chocolate.  I know, crazy, but true.  Give me a gummie worm any day  over some fancy European chocolate.  But, I digress, I thought I would just give a little update in pictures.  We built an addition onto our house, so life has been hectic with little motivation for posts.   Although, the new room as given me new things to sew.  In no particular order, here ya go:
I slipcovered this couch.  It was my first time at attempting such a feat.  I was scared.  I put if off for a whole week.  The couch sat there mocking my cowardice.  One day, I audibly told myself,  "self, put on your big-girl pants and quit being such a baby.  So, I dove in, using the tutorial from Shelly.  The tutorial was invaluable, although it did plant in my brain the idea that I need an industrial sewing machine.  This thought was punctuated time and time again as I broke 8 needles in one night.  Even my husband,  who was working at the computer this same night as I sewed looked over at me and said that maybe I really DID need one of those bad boys.  I smiled, and broke a few more needles on purpose just to make sure the point was indeed made. 
Anyhoo, this project was made more tricky by the little fact that this is a hide-a-bed.  So, that means I had to install zippers in the seat of the couch for easy access to that ultra comfy, 5-star bed.  I added  some ruffled pillows  out of an crazy fabric and declared it good.  Do you  think I like ruffles?
All in all, me likey:)

Next up, we have a teepee for patches.  She opted to go flagless at the top, much to my chagrin.  Those naked poles beg for cute flags.  She also requested two windows and a mailbox ("huh?" I asked her at this request).  I added some little curtains for privacy.  'Cause every 4-year old needs her alone time. 


Here we have a stellar little chair that I nabbed for free off of craigslist.  Someone posted a house full  of free goodies, to which I got super excited, woke everyone up early, and raced across town to attend.  I waited in line next to some questionable characters and hoped I wouldn't get mugged.  When they opened  the house,  I shamelessly had my child run through gobs off people and plant his buns on the chair.  It had to be mine. 

It was my first time reupholstering something.  I did a terrible job.  Thank heavens this picture hides  all the imperfections.  Any  time anybody looks at it, I am sure to point out all of its shortcomings so that they will know that I know that it's a pretty shoddy upholstering job.  Oh well, I learned.  Here is the before and after of this gorgeous chair. Please take note of the awesome iron detail on the legs.  Don't you love craigslist? (except when you get scammed or people flake on you or flag your posts...)

Before                                                                                       After
In case you don't know, I have a favorite pattern maker, which is, Oliver + S.  Oh my goodness, people, her  patterns are so yummily delicious that I can't get enough of them.  They fit together like a million dollar car and make me feel like I can do anything.  If you try one, you will be  hooked, I promise.   I have made my son several shirts from her raglan-t shirt pattern.  I upcycle my husband's old t-shirts as well as goodwill shirts and end up with some pretty great stuff!  He loves them.  I love them. 

There is also a little matter of decorating my son's room.  I made him his bedspread, pillows and curtains.  I hated doing it.  It's not the fun stuff.  There wasn't one ruffle involved.  Dang.  But, it does look better than some  transformer get-up that I know he would have chosen.  Good thing I'm in charge.   Usually. 

So back to girly  things.  Here is another Oliver + S pattern.  I've made many shorts from this pattern.  Patches chose the heart fabric, I must insert here.  I chose the navy dot fabric.  Love me some piping. 

Pheeew!  Well, there is a roundup of some recent projects, ones I've been too lazy to post.  You see, being a mother of three children is somewhat tiring.  My husband and I breed high energy children.  I should  have known.  He was an 800m sprinter in college.  He qualified for the pre-Olympic trials, but had to drop out due to injury.  I was a ballerina.  I should have realized that that combination would make for some energetic, stubborn children.  But, they are also intelligent and surprise me all the time.  I can't imagine life without them. 
I entered a sewing contest sponsored  by Nap Time Crafters.  I've never been brave enough to attempt such a thing, but I think I'm just crazy enough to try now.    Check out her blog for a lot of great ideas! 
Happy sewing to all and to all a good night. 

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